Love your ride

We believe that moving around the city is not just going from one place to another. It is possible to do it efficiently, in time and cost, in a comfortable, safe, flexible and sustainable way.

Öhll was born from the desire to improve the mobility experience in cities.

Our mission is to promote and ease the use of light and sustainable personal mobility vehicles as an essential element to improve life in cities; due to their impact on reducing emissions, improving traffic, reducing individual transport costs, freeing up public space, and optimizing this scarce resource called time.

We pursue excellence, with products that meet the highest quality, attention to each and every detail, minimal environmental impact and that maximize your mobility experience.

This is our commitment, the origin of everything, welcome to Öhll.

Universal System

Our accessories offer nearly universal compatibility, seamlessly integrating with folding bicycles and e-scooters.

Say goodbye to compatibility worries and enjoy the simplicity of a product that effortlessly adapts to your folding bicycle or e-scooter.

With you always

Our products are designed to become the essential accessory for your folding bicycle or e-scooter.

No matter if you're heading to the office, running errands, or engaging in your favorite activity, we've thought of "almost" everything to elevate your mobility to the next level and provide you with solutions for whatever may arise.

Clip & love

Embrace Brilliance. Our unique design elevates convenience while ensuring a safe and robust system. Experience the pinnacle of simplicity and ease. With a swift clip and unclip, you're instantly ready to carry almost anything you desire. We've meticulously engineered the market's most user-friendly and secure solution, seamlessly tailored to your lifestyle.