Explore our 'Carry' collection, featuring innovative products, meticulously designed to enhance your urban mobility experience. The Öhll-in bag and our Öhll backpack are crafted to effortlessly transport your essentials, groceries, and more while riding your folding bike or e-scooter, ensuring practicality and convenience in every journey.


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Öhll ClipÖhll Clip
Öhll Clip Sale price¥4,400 JPY
E-scooter with the Öhll-in bag in black (e-scooter E-twow GT)Öhll-in bag black front view
Öhll-in bag Sale price¥22,000 JPY

2 colors available

Öhll Backpack Black clipped folding bikeÖhll Backpack Black SpaceNavy and Camo colors
Öhll Backpack Sale price¥21,100 JPY

3 colors available